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Vola RS10 Built In Soap Dispenser

Vola RS10 Built In Soap Dispenser

Detailed design, material purity and high-technology combine to make the fully integrated built in Vola RS10 soap dispenser an aesthetically pure component of any washroom. Motion detectors dispense the perfect portion of foam or liquid soap.

True to tradition, the new Round Series has a discreet, elegant design with technical elements & mechanical parts built into the wall, leaving only the beautiful parts visible. 

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Vola RS2 Built In Tissue Dispenser

The VOLA Round Series follows a long-standing design tradition at VOLA. The design is based on a circle, the keystone of VOLA design.

The VOLA RS2 built in tissue dispenser is intended for luxury houses, apartments, hotels, restaurants, official buildings & cultural institutions to supplement the many other VOLA products in the bathroom.

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Vola RS2 Built In Tissue Dispenser
Vola RS1 Built In Waste Bin

Vola RS1 Built In Waste Bin

With its new modular design concept of the Vola RS1 built-in waste-bin VOLA offers new creative possibilities to work with space & materials in the bathroom.

By combining the texture and colour of the wall and the choice of finish of the rings & colour of the front plate the architect or interior designer can create individual and extraordinary design solutions.

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Vola Waste Bins

Working Round Series in Bathroom X Showroom

Vola RS1 Build-in Waste Bin

RS1 Build-in Waste Bin

Vola RS2 Build-in Tissue Dispenser

VOLA RS2 Build-in Tissue Dispenser

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