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VOLA is perfect Scandinavian craftsmanship manufactured from the finest materials

VOLA is manufactured in the VOLA factory in Horsens, Denmark by a dedicated and quality-conscious staff that is proud to supply only the most perfect quality. Bathroom X Vola Flagship Showroom is the leading retailer & project specification showroom in Australia.

At VOLA, quality is part of the culture. Only perfect products are good enough for the VOLA customer. It takes years of training and experience to be able to bend a spout in the perfect VOLA way, produce perfect soldering and a perfect surface. VOLA is Scandinavian craftsmanship supported by the latest technology.

The VOLA products are manufactured from the finest materials according to the highest quality standards. VOLA is certified according to the quality standards ISO 9001ISOI4001 (environment) and DS/OHSAS 18001 (work environment).

Only by choosing the very best materials is VOLA able to produce items of such high quality. Mixers, taps and accessories are made from solid brass and gun metal with a few components in stainless steel. All valve housings are made using dezincification resistant brass.

Water Pressure
VOLA mixers require balanced pressure to enable them to function correctly, complying to wels and watermark requirments.

Lead-free brass
All VOLA taps and mixers comply with AB1953 bill of the Health and Safety Code in California meaning that they are produced from lead-free brass.

Vola Quality Gallery
Vola Quality Gallery
Vola Quality Gallery
Vola Quality Gallery
Vola Quality Gallery
Vola Quality Gallery
Vola Quality Gallery

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