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Vola Delivers Form & Function

Vola is the creator of the modern-day tap, the idea was to hide all the complicated pieces so you just have the handle & the spout coming out of the wall, Arne Jacobsen’s original design has changed very little since he has designed it over 50 years ago.

Great design & craftsmanship is a part of Vola, the Vola DNA is a circle & a cylinder, the beauty is how they meet each other in a strict but perfect way. There’s no compromise in Arne Jacobsen's design & that's a legacy Vola is following today.

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Vola Defines Water & Wellness

Water is the essence of Vola. For over half a century Vola has shaped water & wellness in the bathroom. Danish people feel a great sense of wellness with looking at the natural environment.

The water flow creates a unique feeling of wellbeing, its soft, it doesn't splash, it doesn't have sound to it. Vola try to make the kitchen & bathroom a calm & relaxed place to be.

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Vola Stories

Celebrating 50 years of Vola Design

Form and Foundation

1. Form and Foundation

Infinite Possibilities

2. Infinite Possibilities

The Home Of Vola

3. The Home Of Vola

Life Cycle

4. Life Cycle

Water and Wellness

5. Water and Wellness

Always Evolving

6. Always Evolving

Vola Tapware Brochure

Vola Brochure

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Vola Brochure

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VOLA Showers

Working Vola Showers in Showroom at Bathroom X

Vola 080ST Shower

Vola 080ST Shower

Vola 050 Shower

Vola 050 Shower

Vola 060 Shower

Vola 060 Shower

Vola T2 Hand Shower

Vola T2 Shower

Vola Mixers

Vola Offers Infinite Possibilities

Architects like the freedom of Vola, hiding all the functional parts behind the wall leaving us only to see the beautiful parts, that is what made the Vola modular system. 

With Vola you can change the backplates the handles, the valves, the accessories, there is one design system with infinite tap design and layout possibilities, for architects & designers the options are endless. We have 16 bright Vola colours plus eight metallic colours.

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Embrace the Vola Lifecycle

Vola have been recycling for many years, sustainability is one of the first things architects are looking for. Quality & Danish craftsmanship means Vola design & manufacture products that last for generations.

Every product from Vola needs to be produced in a very exact way in a responsible manner, Vola only uses the finest brass and stainless steel & recycles 100% of the raw materials. Vola have a constant focus on trying to throw away less and reuse more.

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